At Rocksolid LA

We strive to:

-Build a community of youth that value outreach and evangelism.

-Facilitate friendships that grow and sharpen each other as iron sharpens iron.

-Emphasize the importance of personally growing daily in the word of God.

-Teach teens how to navigate the waters of mainstream culture while staying grounded in Jesus.

-Cultivate an ever deepening relationship with Jesus.

Here's how:

Friday Night Worship & The Word

Friday's "Worship and The Word" nights are focused on addressing topical issues that teens face every day. We incorporate Worship, the Word, games and a snack bar. These nights are meant to equip youth with the tools they need to navigate life.

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are a journey through the Bible. We focus on the poetry, history, stories and teachings of the Word of God.  Sundays start at 10am with worship in the main service. Rock Solid is then dismissed to another room to continue its teaching until main service is dismissed. 

Outreach Nights

These Friday nights are focused on relationship building and outreach. They involve fun outings for youth to enjoy time together while forging strong friendships. A big focus of these nights is to provide a safe environment for unsaved teens to come, have fun, ask questions and make friends. We know that there is no more constant voice of influence in a teens life than their friends. We want those friendships to build around God-centered activities.

Cosmo Girls

This is a monthly event for girls in 6th-12th grade. It focuses on teaching girls Hair/Makeup tricks of the Cosmetology industry while building strong, trust centered relationships. Our goal is to teach about biblical female role models, address topical issues that they are facing in today's society and help build their confidence as women of God. 

Special Events

These are rallies, winter retreats, summer camps and the like. These are always changing. Please refer to the Rock Solid calendar for details.